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School of Business and
Unit Securing Networks
Unit code CSC72005
Assignment 1 Practical network security setup
Mode Individual assignment
Due Date 06 April 2020 10:00 PM
Outcomes LO2
Attributes GA2, GA4
Weight 30% of overall unit assessment
Suggestion This assignment is developmental and cumulative. You are strongly
advised to start doing this assignment from Week-1 in your study.
Leaving your starting date to the week before the due date is a very poor
strategy for success in the unit. Follow the provided guidelines to help you
successfully direct your efforts.
Task Description
In this assignment, you will perform necessary setup to install,
configure and troubleshoot an SME network.
You must successfully implement the network on eNSP (or similar)
network simulation software and perform important steps to manage
the network security configuration.
In particular, you will complete the following tasks:
? Task 1: Install and connect the devices into a network as shown
in the diagram.
? Task 2: Set up and test the security
? Task 3: Network testing and troubleshooting
? Task 4: Network documentation
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
You are a junior network administrator and because of your ongoing
experience your manager has assigned you a new client to assist them
setup their new network.
The design and requirements have been provided to you in a simple
diagram and instruction set.
You have been advised of the following criteria:
1. Routers and default gateways are always set to the first IP
address in the range.
2. Switches will always get the second IP address in the range.
3. End devices (servers and workstations etc.) will get an IP
address starting at 20 for the host address.
4. Servers will have their MAC address stored on the switch.
The following networks will be set up:
? DMZ – Used for placing internet facing devices to be able to be
reached from the internet as well as the internal corporate
network (CorpNet).
? Server Network (ServerNet) – used for storing the internal
company data that only the internal corporate users are able to
? Corporate Network (CorpNet) – used by the normal users of the
company in the head office that are able to access the internet,
the internal servers network and the DMZ. There are multiple
departments in the head office and each should not be able to
communicate with computers in other departments.
? Remote Network (RemoteNet) – is for a remote office that are able
to access the DMZ, the Server Net and the internet.
Your task is to configure the network in simulation software so that it
can be tested before it is implemented.
You must devise any security options you deem appropriate to meet
the requirements and configure and document them so they can be
used when the network is implemented.
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
Assignment 1 marking guidelines
The following are the major assessment criteria of this assignment.
Task 1: Network environment setup
? Set up the routers, switches and PC’s with the appropriate
? Perform basic configuration of the devices
? Test connectivity
Task 2: Security setup and performance
? Add the required security including any of the following:
o Switch port security
o VLAN’s
o ACL’s (most likely basic ACL’s)
o static or dynamic routing
Task 3: Network testing and troubleshooting
? Correctly propose the hypothesis to be tested at each step e.g.
connectivity between devices, security is working to stop X from
? Correctly identify the type of information that should be
collected at each step
? Test the configuration using correct methodology
You must document what tests you will carry out, what the test is
for and the result.
Task 4: Network Documentation
? Document the devices including:
o Host Devices (PC’s and servers)
? Name/ID
? Link technology e.g. Ethernet
? Port Address e.g. Eth0
? Physical address e.g. MAC address
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
? IP Address
? Subnet Mask
? Default Gateway
o Network Devices
? Interface configuration
? Name/ID
? Link technology e.g. Ethernet
? Port address e.g. G0/0/1
? Physical address e.g. MAC address
? Logical address e.g. IP Address / subnet mask
? Security applied
? Security Configuration
? Switch port security
? ACLs
? Routes
o Save the configurations
o Export the configurations (or copy/paste to a text file).
Format and Presentation
Task 1 and Task 2: Provide your eNSP saved topology (including all
saved files and folders in the project topology) in a zip file.
Your eNSP files (zipped) must be named in the format:
filename = FirstInitialYourLastName_CSC72005_A1_eNSP.zip
(i.e. FJones_CSC72005_A1_eNSP.zip)
In the below screenshot the folder was zipped and the name changed.
You must supply ALL files and folders in the project.
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
Note: All device names must include your name in the format of
FirstInitialYourLastName (I.e. FJones Router 1)
Note: All ACL’s or VLAN’s must include the last 2 digits of your student
number in the configuration in the second and third place. The last
place can be used for consecutive numbering.
In the below screenshot your student number ends in 67.
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
e.g. Your student number ends in 67 so the first basic ACL becomes
2671. The second (2nd) ACL would be 2672 and the fifth (5th) would be
Task 2 and Task 3: Use the template provided with this assignment
for this task.
Submission Format
When you have completed the assignment, you are required to submit
the following:
1. Your assignment in the PDF/DOC format. The file will be named
using the following convention:
filename = FirstInitialLastName_CSC72005_A1.pdf
(i.e. FJones_CSC72005_A1.pdf)
2. Your eNSP files (zipped) with devices configured named in the
filename = FirstInitialLastName_CSC72005_A1_eNSP.zip
(i.e. FJones_CSC72005_A1_eNSP.zip)
Original work
It is a University requirement that a student’s work complies with the
Academic Policy, Chapter 4.20 on Student Academic Integrity. It is a
student’s responsibility to be familiar with the Policy.
Failure to comply with the Policy can have severe consequences in
the form of University sanctions. For information on this Policy please
refer to Chapter 4.20 on Student Academic Integrity at the following
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
As part of a University initiative to support the development of
academic integrity, assessments may be checked for plagiarism,
including through an electronic system, either internally or by a
plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and
matching purposes.
Retain duplicate copy
Before submitting the assignment, you are advised to retain electronic
copies of original work. In the event of any uncertainty regarding the
submission of assessment items, you may be requested to reproduce a
final copy.
School Extension Policy
In general, I will NOT give extensions unless where there are
exceptional circumstances. Students wanting an extension must make
a request at least 24 hours before the assessment item is due and the
request must be received by Student Administration in writing via the
MyEnrolment page. Extensions within 24 hours of submission or
following the submission deadline will not be granted unless supported
by a doctor’s certificate or where there are exceptional circumstances.
This will be at the discretion of Student Services and the unit
assessor’s discretion and will be considered on a case by case basis.
Extensions will be for a maximum of 48 hours (longer extensions
supported by a doctor’s certificate or alike to be considered on a case
by case basis).
Please see the Special Consideration page for more information
available at https://www.scu.edu.au/current-students/student-
A penalty of 5% of the total available grade will accrue for each 24-
hour period that an assessment item is submitted late. Therefore, an
assessment item worth 30 marks will have 1 marks deducted for every
24-hour period and at the end of 15 days will receive a maximum of 15
marks or 50%.
Students who fail to submit following the guidelines in this Unit
Information Guide will be deemed to have not submitted the
assessment item and the above penalty will be applied until the
specified submission guidelines are followed.
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CSC72005 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2020
Marks and Feedback
All assessment materials submitted during the semester will normally
be marked and returned within two weeks of the required date of
submission (provided that the assessment materials have been
submitted by the due date).
Marks will be made available to each student via the MySCU Grade


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