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MA4601/MAT061 Stochastic Search and Optimisation
Assignment 4: Multi-armed Bandits
Due 12:00 mid-day, Thursday 23rd April
The goal of this assignment is to explore the tradeoff between exploration and exploitation
in multi-armed bandit heuristics.
You will need to submit two files: a programme file titled YOUR NAME programme.r (or .py,
.jl, etc.) and a report as a pdf file titled YOUR NAME report.pdf. Submission by email to
. The report should be presented as a stand-alone document that
can be understood without having to read your code. It should be no more than four pages
Consider the following modifications of the -greedy, UCB1, and Bayesian decision rules.
-greedy For some ρ, with probability 1 − ρ/t choose the bandit with highest θˆi, otherwise
choose a bandit uniformly at random.
i(t) = arg maxi
θˆi(t− 1) +

ρ log t
Ti(t− 1)
Bayesian Let q(Θi(t), ρ) be the 100ρ percentage point of Θi(t), then
i(t) = arg maxiq(Θi(t), ρ).
Implement these decision rules and compare their performance using 10 multi-armed bandits
with randomly chosen returns.
Use Bayesian Global Optimisation to find the optimal value of ρ in each case. You may use
the function BayesianOptimization from the R package rBayesianOptimization.
Marks will be allocated on the following basis:
50% Code correctness (how well does it work).
25% Quality of analysis (what have we learnt about these decision rules).
25% Clarity of report.


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