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Assignment 1 - Plane Programming
Estimated time: 30 min
Assignment overview
Use the skills you learned in the driving simulation to fly a plane around obstacles in the
sky. You will have to get the user’s input from the up and down arrows in order to control
the plane’s pitch up and down. You will also have to make the camera follow alongside
the plane so you can keep it in view.
Assignment outcome
1. The plane moves forward at a constant rate
2. The up/down arrows tilt the nose of the plane up and down
3. The camera follows along beside the plane as it flies
Assignment preparation:
● Download from Omnivox at assignment 1 the file: Assignment
● Create a Unity3D project, in your repo folder, with
● Extract the content of the zip file inside the Assets folder of your project.
● In Unity, access Assets -> Import Package ->Custom Package navigate to
your assets folder and double click on the extracted file:
Assignment_1_Start.unitypackage and a window will open, click on Import.
● Two folders will be created in your assets folder: Assignment_1 and Course
● Open the folder Assignment_1 and double click on the scene
Assignment1_Scene. That is the scene that you should work on.
● If you forgot the outcome shown in class, the folder instructions contain a video
showing how the game should be at the end.
● You can delete the folder Scenes from your project.
When you import the assignment into your project, it is supposed to have bugs.
The purpose of the assignment is for you to fix those bugs, which are listed below.
Good luck!
Bugs to fix (Total 10 points):
1. The plane is going backward. Make the plane go forward. (1 point)
2. The plane is going too fast. Slow the plane down to a manageable
speed. (1 point)
3. The plane is tilting automatically. Make the plane tilt only if the user
presses the up/down arrows. (1 points)
4. The camera is in front of the plane. Reposition it so it’s beside the
plane. (2 points)
5. The camera is not following the plane. Make the camera follow the
plane. (2 points)
6. The plane’s propeller does not spin. Create a script that spins the
plane’s propeller. (2 points)
7. Comment your code properly and get rid of hardcoded values. (1


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